The Trip Space

Dream. Delve. Discover.

The three words that best described our faith in the journeys we undertook, both metaphorically and literally. Taking forward the literal meaning, we would like to introduce you to their newest carved out endeavor, rightfully called ‘The Trip Space’. No, we are not helping you become the lucky one to escape earth into space; with the latest research endeavor that might be a possibility too, soon. But for now, we are helping you realize your good luck of finding paradise right here on earth, and, of course, help you travel to those places that matches your unique story and personality. We are here to help you create stories not by shopping for destinations but for experiences that will not be forgotten in a wink and memories that you would cherish for the longest time.

Come join us on the trip.

Cheers !!

Parinita Kedia & Saurav Agarwal

Our Dream
Our Mission
Our Vision

Our dream is to make your travel dreams come true, make unforgettable memories for you and always be the first choice when there is a trip on your mind

We aspire to deliver experiences rather than service to our clients throughout the interaction touch points that we create during the customer journey.

To be the one stop destination for all things travel across the world.

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Our Team

Work for You

After global exposure in fields as diverse as finance and marketing, travel has become their profession. How? Because much before the actual travel, the fun begins at the planning stage for them. And this passion for holistic travel planning forms the foundation of The Trip Space. They have designed numerous trips for family and friends and they love doing it for anyone who wants to go out and experience the world. The Trip Space is their way of encouraging people to explore this beautiful planet. The Trip Space’s core team has visited over 25 countries and firmly believes that the world should be seen like a traveller and not a tourist.



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